Chapter. 1

-Bell! WAKE UP!! screamed the women but I didn’t wake up yet. So she screamed one more time:

-THAT B*TCH! How long are you planing to sleep??!

I sunddely wake up and I was scared and I was shaking beasce I overslept, that scary women is going to be angry! What should I do?

When I went to the scary women she punched me and kick me.

-Ow! Stop please!!

-Did I feed you and raise you for free, only for you to act like this??!

She say mean things to me and she kicked me, I just only could say, I’m sorry, Thank you for taking care of me but don’t hurt me, stop please! But she didn’t stop.

But when womens daughter came she said:

-Mom! I’m Hungry! Give me food!!

-Oh ok, Darling! Just a minute! the women said that with a cute smile.

Then the women looked at me again and said this to me angry:

-Did you know that beasce you overslept, there’s no breakfast?! Aghh!.. Just hurry and clean this place up!!

The women and her daughter started eating together.

There looked so happy, like a perfect family!

But not me….

The another day, the womens daughter’s friend was playing with her but there didn’t know what to do.

-It’s really boring just play with the dolls. Said her friend.

-Really? Hmmm oh Yeah! Bel come here! We can play with her!

There tooked my hair and play with it.

-Are you sure we can do this? Asked her friend

-Of corse! My mom hates her so it’s ok!

-We should make her hair!

-Yeah We’ll make it nicer~


There cut my hair, even the scary women’s daughter is evil! I was looking at myself in the mirror.

I was shaking, scared and I was crying too. Do I really gonna live like this? Forever?

Well, I didn’t really wanted a long hair so I made it little nicer…

At night I couldn’t sleep beasce I was scared What’s next there gonna do to me. I was thinking if I need to live here with them. Do I really? Something comes to my mind. I CAN ESCAPE!Why didn’t I think about that before?

At that night I escaped and never looked back at the house.

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