4 Unique Job Search Strategies for College Graduates Who Don’t Have Jobs Yet

By Meha Jha

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with the kids graduating and everyone telling you be of good cheer, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s the happiest season of all with those congratulatory greetings and happy meetings. It’s the happiest season of all -there’ll be parties for hosting, champagne for toasting, and graduating caps out to throw… then suddenly the joyful tune stops playing… and the record scratch sounds play in your head right when someone asks you, “What are your plans for graduation, do you have a job yet?”

Now cue the panic attack and overwhelming feelings that arise when you hear that question and don’t have an answer yet. But did you know that you aren’t alone. In fact, nearly 83% of graduating seniors haven’t secured a job by graduation.

Though you’re not alone, the longer you wait until after graduation to find a job the harder it becomes. Your current strategies of going to the school career fair, applying on LinkedIn, or applying on your school’s website may not have been working for you but we are to share a list of 4 unique, effective strategies most college students don’t try, but can be very successful in helping get a job fast. These strategies leverage powerful networks that exist for you that you don’t even realize you are missing out on- check them out here.

1. Alumni Association Groups

Your alumni network is one of the most powerful resources at your disposal. Alumni love hiring and helping other alumni. Alumni associations tend to be in cities regionally close to your university, but also in major cities across the United States. If you have a target city in mind you should search if that chapter has a Facebook or LinkedIn group. Once you have found the group, don’t be afraid to post and say you’re a recent graduate who majored in X, and looking for a job in Y in that city and would appreciate if anyone could let you know if they know of any openings. If your close by to that city, it might be worth it to even attend an event to try to network in person with some of the members.

2. Professional Societies and Conferences

There are hundreds of professional organizations out there based on your job function, industry interest, and/or even your gender, nationality, or race. These organizations have conferences throughout the year and some even have special events or discounts for college students to attend. These conferences give you access to professionals though networking, panels/presentations, and exhibits. You should do a google search for these professional societies and see if there is a local chapter near you with events or an upcoming conference that you can attend. You should also check if your campus has a local chapter and see if they are planning on attending any events. Many college chapters receive scholarship funds to attend these events. Some of these organizations also have job boards where you can apply online to jobs. Usually these recruiters are actively reviewing the resumes because they have a specific profile of skills or experience they’re looking for. In fact, I got my current job by utilizing the Society of Women Engineer’s Job board before their annual fall national conference.

3. Your College’s Department Staff

Don’t underestimate the power of your advisor, professor, or dean of your department especially if they previously worked in industry. These people work closely with alumni boards to continue to improve academic programs and student experience. They also keep records of where past students went to work. They can help you make connections you need to companies you are interested in or be a good reference. They also tend to be aware if there are any job openings. Often alumni first reach out to staff they still know at a university to circulate job postings to students and usually the department they graduated from is the first place they start. My academic advisor in college always sent job posting e-mails from fellow alumni or recruiters to our class e-mail roster throughout the year.

4. GEN Z Connect

This last one is truly unique and proven tool for helping students. I am one of the professionals on this platform and have coached a student with reviewing his resume and advising him on job search strategies. GEN Z Connect is a network of professionals across the US that provide one-on-one career coaching, industry insights, and informational interviews to college students and recent graduates who want to make connections and navigate the transition into professional life. By joining this online platform, you will direct to access to search and browse professionals in companies and industries that interest you, request informational interviews that will give you insights, collect feedback from professionals that will strengthen you resume and profile for hiring managers, and accelerate your internship or job search by making valuable connections. You can amplify your job search by creating a profile today and scheduling information interviews with recruiters and professionals. Sign up here today.

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