I am extremely excited to become an early explorer of Defi Of Thrones Beta Platform. After a long waiting, it is now live on Polygon network (formerly known as Matic).

If you did not explore the beta platform yet, check this to know how you can get free $DoTx & LP tokens ( )

Now come to the point…

Why MATIC Network ?

We all aware about Etherium’s super high gas fees :3 ! To transfer 50 $ worth of tokens we end up paying 350 $ worth of gas fees :p ! If you are super lucky you will pay only 4$ - 5$. But do you know the fees on MATIC Network? It is 0 ! Don’t you belive that? Check the below image ;)

The Transaction fees is just 0.002982 MATIC 😍 You can consider it as 0 😄

How to Join War?

After conneting your wallet and claiming your free test tokens, click on War and you will see the below interface. You have to choose one coin, which you think will go higher than the other one. Then just buy some tickets with your free $DoTx ;) You also can change your house, if you think the other coin will go higher than your choosen one. Betraying your house will cost you 1% of the total DoTx of your purchased tickets. So make sure that you should not bet your entire amont at onece, if you do that you can not change your house.

Find Your Name In the Leaderboard :p

Click on Leaderboard to check your position. Let me remember you something … A NFTs airdrop is also planned at the end of the beta Program. Top 3 of the global leaderboard will receive 1 Rare and 2 Uncommon NFTs.

You can check the statistics also, you will find your past war details here.

What is Early Pool & Early Staking?

The purpose of Early Pool is to reward bettors who take risks at the beginning of a war. The main idea is to fill a pool with 10% of the tokens from the losing house at the end of each war. The pool will fill up with tokens for 25 days. These 25 days are called

The Long Night.

You can find more details here ( )

MANA Pool & NFTs

MANA Pool contains NFTs and it allows you to earn MANA points. Then, these points are tradable for NFTs
Every ticket purchased in a war gives you one MANA point.
You can also stake your LP tokens to earn MANA points, here you can see I staked 500 UNI-V2 & 500 Quick UNI-V2 token. My earnings is 240 MANA points per day.
To know more about MANA Pools & NFTs, please check this article ( )

You can buy NFTS with your MANA points from here. When I take screenshot, all NFTs are sold 😣 Don’t worry, I’ll show you my NFTs collection later 😜

DoTx Bridge

Here you can swap your DoTx from Etherium Network to Matic Network or vice-versa.

NFTs Bridge

As I promised, I’ll show my NFTs collection! So here it is 😅 It’s UNISWAP and it’s rarity is EPIC. Only 10 pieces of UNISWAP exist.
In NFTs bridge you can transfer you NFTs from Etherium Network to Matic Network and vice-versa.

Last but Not the Least
I am one of the early explorer of Defi Of Thrones Beta Platform, I really love all the new features. One of the enteresting feature is CHAT ! Yes, you read it right 😅 You can chat with your house members and also with your opponents ! That’s too much fun 😄

hope they will bring more new amazing features to us in future. I’ll definately explore them as well.
Thank You for your time 😃 Hope you like the review .

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