How GIFs Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

It’s no secret that GIFs are taking over the internet. They’re fun and easy to share amongst friends. Some people are even saying (wait for the irony) that they could soon replace words (there it is!).

While we’re not ready to give up on words just yet, we do think brands can benefit from creating more GIFs, especially ones that are easier to find and share. In today’s digital landscape, brands are putting a bigger emphasis on content, and GIFs are the perfect solution. GIF GIF GIF is an app that can help with that solution in the perfect way.

“Wait, What’s GIF GIF GIF?”

GIF GIF GIF is a mobile app to discover, save, share, and follow all your favorite GIFs. We’re the perfect cure for daily boredom, and the coolest way to express your mood or reaction.

Our new collections feature allows users to organize their favorite GIFs, and to follow friends’ collections to see the GIFs they love. Both GIFs and collections are easily accessible and shareable in the app or through the GIF GIF GIF keyboard.

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“Why GIFs?”

We broke it down to these three main points.

1) Easy to consume

GIFs are a hybrid between still image and video that requires less of an attention investment. People might not be able to watch a full 5-minute YouTube video at work, but a quick and funny GIF is doable.

2) Mini-highlights and stories

GIFs lead viewers to a specific action or conclusion, similar to video. Whether it’s a sports highlight or a clip from a TV Show — GIFs follow a specific path. This format opens up opportunities for brands to include these as highlights or as complimentary assets to a larger creative campaign.

3) Easily shareable

Their size (depending on quality) allows for users to save or copy GIFs easier than a full video. Plus, they can be embedded into texts, emails or social media channels to highlight any message or posting more so than a still image.

“How Can GIF GIF GIF Help Us?”

Keeping with the list of threes, here’s how our app can specifically help your brand’s GIF marketing efforts.

1) Searchability

Our app and keyboard create ways for your GIFs to become more searchable and shareable. By attaching specific hashtags to your GIFs and/or collections, we’re making it easier for users to find your content. And by being a mobile-based app and keyboard, we also make it easier for users to share.

2) Customization

Through collections, and collection share pages, we provide a platform to feed users a set of GIFs — creating a page for users to follow, save, and share all your custom GIFs. These collections allow you the opportunity to showcase multiple GIFs around a specific product, event, or promotion of your choosing.

3) Insights

We’re able to track interactions with your GIFs or collections, see who’s saving them, and if they are sharing your GIFs. Utilizing this data, you can see what content your consumers are responding to, as to inform your content strategy moving forward.

“Can We See Some Examples?”

We can host a single GIF on a customizable share page —like this.

Or we can put a ton of GIFs into a branded collection, such as…

Pretty cool right?

“So how do we get started?”

After browsing through these examples, you’re probably eager to create your own GIFs. So how do you go about it? Luckily there are a bunch of options (that are mostly free) to make the creation of GIFs easier. These three are a good start:

And of course, we’re more than happy to help with your GIF strategy or in making you a GIF GIF GIF partner. Get in touch (email: to discuss how we can help!

And In Conclusion

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