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Meet Hiro, a Senior Data Scientist at GE Digital, who works on challenging projects in Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

Q: What is your GE digital story?

My GE story started while I was in graduate school in Japan at the University of Tokyo. I used Machine Learning for my degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering. Some of my projects involved anomaly detection for satellite sub-systems and I also analyzed aerial images of forests in Indonesia taken from a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). …

My name is Pratik Chheda and I am an Electrical Engineer from Princeton University who spent this summer as a DTLP Intern on the Power Digital Thread (DT) team in Atlanta, GA, working under my AL: Catherine Kromkowski. To give a little background, the Digital Thread team formed over a year ago, to drive business productivity by utilizing data, processes, and machines to form a cross-pillar thread of analytics, knowledge, and solutions. Our business partners leverage the thread to make smarter decisions for GE Power, lowering costs and increasing cash. …

During my third rotation, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a Short-Term International Rotation (aka STIR) in Dubai, U.A.E. I spent 3 months of my rotation there. I lived downtown in the Business Bay area with a view of the Burj Khalifa outside of my window, and commuted by car to the GE Aviation office at the Dubai International Airport.

I supported a contract lifecycle management initiative by digitizing a few of our services contracts, and then building analytics to track contract performance. From a professional standpoint, one of the most difficult things I had to adjust…

About a month ago, CIO Jim Fowler announced the NeXTech Challenge, a competition where teams of both DTLPs and Corporate Audit Staff members would compete to develop solutions to five of GE’s most critical technology challenges. Participants were encouraged to use technology “ingredients” like the data lake and blockchain. With the challenge well underway, we asked some CAS participants to discuss their team’s progress and what working with DTLPs is like.

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Minakshi Khuntia

Minakshi is in her fifth review, working on building a product strategy for Predix Edge in San Ramon. She graduated DTLP in 2015 with GGO India.

Which challenge is…

My name is Alan Fos. I am a first rotation DTLP located in New Orleans. I have been working closely with Camden Hill to roll out Rick Cornish and Kevin Dawson’s vision of implementing a Predix Maker Lab. The lab is centralized around promoting awareness, education, exposure to Predix and the security of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

The lab will be held within a physical space in the NOLA hub. We will expose all employees of different positions/levels to what Predix currently offers and how to use it. We plan to have recurring challenges, structured educational components, and…

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the buildOn 36 Hour Immersion alongside Jeffrey Bornstein (GE CFO), a number of executives, and other leadership program members. It was an extremely eye-opening experience as we got real insight on what it’s like to attend high school in one of Boston’s most under-served areas.

For those of you who don’t know, buildOn is an organization that aims to end the cycle of illiteracy through service and education. They have international and domestic programs. The international programs send volunteers on a trek to lay foundation for primary schools in third world…

This President’s day weekend, DTLPs from four different sites drove across the country to reconnect on a ski trip at Showshoe Mountain, West Virginia. We had representatives from Energy Connections, Power, Capital, Appliances (Haier), and of course Digital. Many miles were added to our vehicles and deep conversations were had as our starting/ending points included Richmond, VA; Detroit, MI; Atlanta, GA; and Louisville, KY.

We ended up renting a secluded AirBnB in the middle of the woods where of course there was no cellular service. Seeing how much our professional and personal lives depend on technology, it was interesting to…

In the very first blog submission, Let’s Get Digital, Jeff Serpas had a quote that said “You cannot become a successful leader, and cannot inspire others, without being eager to explore all things digital (software, IT, data science, etc.) and get deep in technology.” This quote resonated strongly with me mainly due to my belief that in order for us as GE to become a top 10 software company by 2020, we need to deeply strengthen all aspects of the software lifecycle across all levels — from incubating ideas, gathering requirements from customers, creating and prioritizing backlogs, development, quality assurance…

Aviation DTLPs Dan Proctor and Kayleigh Lavorini sit down with Tom Gottlieb, CDO of Aviation, for a conversation full of insight and information about his position, where our data is going, and Aviation’s digital transformation.

  1. Find Time to Travel
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The period between graduation and the start of work is a time of freedom. It is a period where you have very few obligations and things on your mind. Once you start your career, it will be very difficult to find multiple months of break. At the same time, it is the one time where most of your friends will also be free. My recommendation is to take this time to travel. In my case, I was able to travel solo to 11 cities in Europe in the span of 21 days. Many people use traveling…


The Digital Technology Leadership Program is the premier technical leadership program at @GeneralElectric.

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