Trading Keyboards for Ski Poles

This President’s day weekend, DTLPs from four different sites drove across the country to reconnect on a ski trip at Showshoe Mountain, West Virginia. We had representatives from Energy Connections, Power, Capital, Appliances (Haier), and of course Digital. Many miles were added to our vehicles and deep conversations were had as our starting/ending points included Richmond, VA; Detroit, MI; Atlanta, GA; and Louisville, KY.

We ended up renting a secluded AirBnB in the middle of the woods where of course there was no cellular service. Seeing how much our professional and personal lives depend on technology, it was interesting to see who was most able to “learn and adapt” quickly. It was also nice to be cut-off in a sense from the outside world if only for a weekend. The first night we sat under the stars in 50 degree weather in the middle of February and we could see so many more than when in our respective city dwellings.

We had two days on the slopes, with some brave souls adventuring to the black diamonds and others learning on the bunny hills, but by the end of the weekend we could all say we had some successful stretches (and most of us definitely had some spectacular wipeouts!)

It was great making new memories with old and new friends as this is just another example of the fast friendships within DTLP going beyond Immersions, co-locations, or staying within the different businesses. We are a family and we will continue to be there to help each other when we fall or to teach each other some new skills. All the while having some fun and talking about Predix along the way :)

Top of the Mountain!

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