Welcome to the Predix Lab

My name is Alan Fos. I am a first rotation DTLP located in New Orleans. I have been working closely with Camden Hill to roll out Rick Cornish and Kevin Dawson’s vision of implementing a Predix Maker Lab. The lab is centralized around promoting awareness, education, exposure to Predix and the security of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

The lab will be held within a physical space in the NOLA hub. We will expose all employees of different positions/levels to what Predix currently offers and how to use it. We plan to have recurring challenges, structured educational components, and continual engaging efforts to increase employees’ awareness to Predix and securing the IIoT. Also, we want to aid development teams that use sensor data on their applications with being able to mock out the full environment in-house by utilizing the labs equipment.

The lab will not only be an educational space, but also a creative space. We will allow the employees to come in and use hardware components and implement it into Predix. With this creative vision, we plan to promote reusable components to Digital Exchange. Not only will we contribute to the Digital Exchange, but we will also utilize what already exists within GE to increase productivity and efficiency.

Within the lab, there will be a living end-to-end demonstration of how Predix works. The demonstration will involve an industrial model, a Predix machine, and a dashboard displaying live information read from model. The demonstration can be used to give employees a better overview of how Predix works, what is entailed within it, and to showcase to customers who will use Predix.

Currently, we have a few initiatives in the works. First, we presented a demonstration of what Predix offers at the French Quarter Fest, which is one of the largest free music festivals. GE has its own stage and next to it was our booth. We had some model wind turbines, and Edison with sensors, and a nice dashboard to display the information. Next, we are planning a Hack-a-thon for the NOLA hub that will incorporate the Predix Maker Lab equipment and securing the IoT. The hack-a-thon will be used to kick off the lab and will be open to employees to use afterwards. Lastly, we will be redesigning a room in the office to be modern, Predix branded, and as a creative maker space. The room will host cool, new smart devices such as drones, smart bulbs, natural language devices, and even raspberry pi’s, Intel Edison’s and sensors for all the nerdy people.

The Digital Technology Leadership Program is the premier technical leadership program at @GeneralElectric.

The Digital Technology Leadership Program is the premier technical leadership program at @GeneralElectric.