There is so much wrong with what you have shared here it’s really just sad.
Reginald Nash

Agreed. The original author does not understand the racism that people of color are dealing with today. It’s not always the racial slur, white hood racism. It is woven into all the policies and politics of the Republican Party. It is systemic. Their stances on issues happen to benefit wealthy white men more than any other demographic. The democratic policies tend to favor the under privileged, who, because of the systemic racism, are usually brown. Now the poor white people who continue to vote Republican… that’s racism. It makes no sense for them to continue supporting republicans. They latch onto the rhetoric about getting the “others” out of “our” America because they don’t belong. Simply because the countries they come from are those of brown people. The jobs that they feel like Obama took, they aren’t coming back. Nobody has the courage to tell them that though. The republicans just keep feeding them lies because those people represent a huge voting base for them. They are how Trump got elected.

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