Faizon Love claims Katt Williams struggles with being gay.

Comedian Faizon Love has something to say about Katt Williams and his recent violent antics. He has proposed that the reason Williams is always acting out is to hide the fact that he is actually gay.

During a recent interview with Tom Joyner that the star of the Real Husbands of Hollywood, Love said he felt that Williams was not being his authentic self.

“I actually feel sorry for him sometimes,” he stated. “Like I said before, he’s not living his true destiny. He’s living this fake gangster [life]. He got this whole persona from a friend of mine named Mac Minister. He’s a real pimp who tried to do comedy.”

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Faizon went on to say that Williams’ violent outbursts were all an act due to him trying to hide who he really is.

“I think these burst outs [sic] come from when a gay man doesn’t want to just be gay,” he said. “He’s beating these women up. He knows his boundaries… In Hollywood, you can play those games.”

Tom Joyner was stunned as he asked, “Did you just say Katt Williams is gay?”

The answer was swift, “Yes. It’s not an accusation. You guys see it but you don’t want to see it. It’s like with ‘Woo, woo, woo’,” Love joked, referring to the late R&B legend, Luther Vandross.

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Love and Williams have been at odds since the two spent time touring on the road together. Love accused Williams of giving him a hard time, leading to drama between the two comedians.

This isn’t the first time Love has tried to put Williams on blast. Earlier this month while visiting the Wanda Smith Show in Atlanta, Love made the same claims about Williams’ sexuality.

“He came to Atlanta for a reason,” said Love. “Just come out and say it, it’s all good.”

Williams has not responded.

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