Selecting a Social Media Marketing Strategy Is Easy — Here’s How
Dakota Shane

This was really great! As a pretty-new blogger, I’ve been trying to build traffic. I’ve focused primarily on promoting my work/site on Twitter first and Facebook second. Facebook I’m finding really frustrating, though, as they decide who sees your posts and really seem to be making so you have to pay to get anywhere.

I’ve also signed up on Pinterest but I’m not finding it drives any traffic to my site — maybe one click a week. I get why people get obsessed with it but it’s just not my thing really. I’ve avoided Snapchat and Instagram — I’m really glad to hear you say (and commenters agree) that Snapchat isn’t the revolution so many people seem to think it is!

I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about Medium and how this all works — clicking through your link next! Thanks again, this post is super helpful.

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