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Izzy & Aiden

I’m Izzy and I’m having Hashimoto’s and coeliac disease. (Haha, it sounds like on an AA meeting ;) )I’m Hungarian originally, but spent at least the last 10 years away from my country. I’m doing my gluten-free diet since September, so I’m still a trainee. I used to love to cook and bake. Especially since my son was born. (he is 1.5 now) When I first heard my diagnosis, I wasn’t too worried. I thought, no biggie, these days everything has a substitute!

Then I had to realise, that nothing ever will taste (or smell) the same. Ever.

I started to read a lot to understand my new diet, bought recipe books, joined online groups where every second post is about how to bake the perfect gluten-free this or that. So I tried..One word: catastrophe. Slowly I am getting better, but I still have a long way to go.

This whole diet and baking is a big emotional roller coaster. Some days I’m very determined, and then I make a mistake, cake ends up in the bin, or just hate the fact that I can never, EVER eat a real pizza or hot-dog again, and I sink in a few days long depression…Great thing is: gluten free beer, and best news were when I found out that nutella is GF!!!

I’m still having hiccups though. I got glutened when I used the old toaster which is used for normal bread (never doing this mistake again) or even today, when my baby drank from my yogurt right after he ate his (normal) cereal.

And now we got to the real reason of me doing this. I can’t go out to eat anymore! At least not in my area. Restaurant staff, even the chefs included, are horribly uneducated about this issue. Not long ago I went to a Turkish restaurant here in Ilford, made it very sure(or so I thought) that they understand the importance of the matter. Then the waitress is offering me couscous as side dish. I told her to confirm with the chef because I think that’s pasta. the chef said: It’s ok to eat. I checked. I’ts made from durum flour. Most of the places here, when I ask them about gluten-free options, they don’t understand the word! (Not because of my English).

It would be so nice to improve restaurants, to educate owners, managers, chefs…They could even increase their income with it, because a bigger group of people who wants to go out to have dinner, if they have 1–2 coeliacs amongst them, they will look for places where everyone can eat safely. (and not just steak & salad). I know there are lots of restaurants in the city, and I’m planning to check those out as well…

Follow me on my journey and maybe help me to find nice places (especially around Ilford), let’s try to enjoy gluten-free diet. Safely. #DontGetGlutened

You can find me on Twitter: IlfordCoeliac, or Facebook: IlfordCoeliac and Instagram: IlfordCoeliac

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