AO & BitKing co-hosted the opening of the Greater Bay Area Digital Economy Industry Summit

AurumOx Protocol
Aug 20 · 3 min read

On August 19, the conference of BitKing digital asset trading platform & Greater Bay Area digital economy industry summit was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Shenzhen Futian.

This conference brings together the industry’s elite leaders and professionals from all sides to discuss the development trend of the digital economy in the Greater Bay Area and how the top Blockchain track will breakthrough and other topics. It is an excellent platform for Blockchain industry professionals to provide knowledge exchange, experience sharing, thinking collision, opinion discussion, and network expansion.

At the beginning of the conference, BitKing digital asset trading platform was officially launched. In the future, BitKing will stand out and become stronger, contributing to the development and implementation of Blockchain ecology.

The CEO of project AO Maria Liu delivered the speech of “AurumOx ecology in all fields”, introducing AO ecology in detail to the audience. AO ecology is based on AO high-speed public chain. In the future, it will build blockchain ecology of “Gold Stable Currency (GGE) + Global Gold Exchange (GGE) + Global Blockchain Bank (GBB) + Global Real Estate Exchange (GREE)”.

The speech mainly includes the following six contents:

1. Overview of AO ecology in the whole field

2. Introduction of AO high-speed public chain technology

3. Landing scene of AO public chain

4. AO investment institution and advisory team

5. AO future strategic planning

6. Project progress of AO ecology

As the co-sponsor of the conference, the head of GGE foundation of Singapore in China and CEO of AO project Maria Liu, attended the roundtable meeting. With Founder of Crypto Capital Jun Zhang, The director of All-In institute Gem, Founder of Boao BlockChain Forum For Asia Jianguo Zhang, the Chairman of the Huanjv International Group Liang Tang and other industry veterans to discuss “Blockchain of the top circuit exchange breakthrough”.

As an important part of AO ecology, Global Blockchain Bank (GBB) has been upgraded to Global Digital Currency Bank (GDCB), and the launching ceremony was held at this conference, which will continuously contribute to the development of AO ecology and Blockchain industry in the future.

AO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BitKing exchange. After the four major exchanges such as MXC, Hash, PK and BiKi, a strong partner will be added to the exchange matrix of AO in the future.

During the conference, AO’s booth attracted the attention of many participants, and the activity of grabbing red envelopes which contain AO coin was also well received, showing AO’s strong influence and community attention.

The significance of the BitKing Greater Bay Area Digital Economy Industry Summit aims to let more people understand the digital economy, and at the same time, to carry out a series of discussions on the indispensable issues in the development. AO as the mainstay of the blockchain industry, will promote the sustainable development of the digital economy in PRD Greater Bay Area and bring the dawn of blockchain technology to the masses.

AO has been making steady progress in the whole field of ecology and project, deepening the market strategic cooperation, expanding the scope of consensus and user groups. We believe that AO will become the value of choice for more and more cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the future.

AurumOx Protocol

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