Hot venue,AO successfully co-hosted the 2019 BLOCK GLOBAL ECO SUMMIT

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Jul 16 · 4 min read

On July 14th, 2019 BLOCK GLOBAL ECO SUMMIT, hosted by AO, BLOCK GLOBAL, BLOCK TECHNOLOGY and GLOSFER was officially opened at Shenzhen Sheraton Great China Hotel.

Focused on the current topic of blockchain technology and application, this summit discussed how to control the timing and have a precise layout on the eve of the bull market, invited industry experts to share the latest development results of blockchain policies, standards, technologies and applications, discussed the blockchain industry ecology and risk prevention, explored the global development trend of blockchain and new opportunities for a new bull market, analyzed national strategy, outlooked industrial situation, shared experience, explored international development path, and helped blockchain technology empower the real economy and realize greater business and social value.

The summit invited 20+ well-known VC, 50+ KOL, 20+ traditional enterprises, 40+ well-known exchanges, 30+ global projects, 30+ blockchain experts, and 500+ participants to discuss 2019 industry trend outlook, explore the internationalization of blockchain and opportunities in the new round of bull market.

At the opening ceremony of the summit, Mr. Huang Shiju, Chairman of Great China International Group, delivered an opening speech. Taking several industrial revolutions as examples, President Huang said that the development of new technologies will be an important factor in the rise of the times and the country. The blockchain is very likely to be a new technology to change the future and a key technology affecting China’s future development.

Chairman Huang also introduced the launching ceremony of the GCIG Deep-tech Space Incubator on June 22 by Great China International Group, at which it officially released its own development on blockchain. Next, Great China will continue to explore this new track on blockchain and focus on the underlying technology research and development of landing applications, looking for a new direction for the future.

As the co-organizer, Liu Xiaomin, the head of the GGE Foundation in China and the CEO of the AO project, gave a wonderful speech on “The Ecology of the AO Public Chain” and introduced the AO ecology to the participants.

Based on the AO high-speed public chain, AO Ecology will build the blockchain ecology of “Gold Stability Certificate (GGE) + Global Gold Trading Platform (GGE) + Global Blockchain Bank (GBB) + Global Real Estate Exchange (GREE)”.

The speech mainly includes the following seven major contents:

1. Overview of AO ecosystem in the whole field

2. Introduction of AO high-speed public chain technology

3. Landing scene of AO public chain

4. AO investment institutions and consultants

5. AO future strategic planning

6. Project progress and landing of AO ecology

7. AO global brand activities and operations

The speech of Liu Xiaomin, CEO of AO project, was unanimously recognized by the participants. There were many participants on the site to consult online and offline.

At the same time, many consultants and partners of AO also participated in this conference. Zhang Hongbin, AO project consultant, Pan Feng, AO partner, and Zhang Yiyun also participated in the roundtable forum and discussed AO.

In addition to the wonderful performance of the guests, the participants were also very active. The conference was full and difficult to enter. The participants in front of the AO booth has been in a continuous stream.

Following the AO Global Brands Thailand Station on June 29th, AO successfully co-hosted a high-profile blockchain summit, and again raised users’ awareness. AO has been officially launched on the BiKi trading platform on July 11 and is currently sprinting the first-line office. The AO team will continue to improve the overall brand image of AO and deepen the user consensus.

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