Milestone!AurumOx Business Ecology 2.0 Global Strategy Conference grand opening

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Aug 29 · 4 min read

25th of August, AurumOx Business Ecology 2.0 Global Strategy Conference was held in Macau where called “Las Vegas in the East”.

The conference brought many elites and media together from blockchain industry, focused on blockchain to discuss the development of digital economy, and officially announced the important milestone of AO Project development

At the beginning of the conference, the Chairman of QUEST-ETERNAL GROUP Mr. Derek Qiu who reached a strategic cooperation agreement with AO not long ago, addressed the conference as a special guest.

The head of GGE foundation in Singapore and CEO of AO Program Miss Maria Liu gave a speech and reviewed the remarkable history of AO program since its launch.

She emphasized we should keep thinking while summarizing. The purpose of adjustment is re-start better. AO still has a long way to go in the future.

AO as an excellent blockchain project, solid underlying technology is indispensable. During conference, The CTO of AO Mr. Tomi Wen also came to the stage to make an important technical sharing.

The director of AO Business school Mr. Shinra Zhang has conducted a comprehensive interpretation of AO business ecology 2.0, which is a valuable lesson for those who care about AO and block chain business.

As the highlight of today’s press conference, AO Business Ecology 2.0 launch ceremony invited a number of blockchain industry elites who are very prominent made cheering for AO.

As the organizer of the conference, The CEO of AO Miss Maria Liu attended the round table, explore “Libra and central bank digital currency — opportunities for the development of digital economy industry swarmed by giants” with Mr. Ben, Patrick Zhang, Mr. Tomi Wen, Mr. GIGO, Mr. Mac Cui, and Mr. Roach Zhang.

With the continuous expansion of the market level, the construction of AO strategic cooperation matrix is accelerating. During conference, AO signed cooperation agreements with several new partners, such as TODO BLOCK, Lighter Blockchain, Jige Family, Japan global node, Rootkey Capital, etc. In the future, there will be more partners to join, continuously contributing to the development of AO business ecology 2.0.

In addition to focusing on the project itself, we should also pay attention to the future development trend and opportunities of digital currency and the whole blockchain industry. For this purpose, we have invited the special guest Mr. Sean to give a keynote speech.

Finally, the free question and answer session of the audience, this is a rare opportunity for the AO team to face up to the people inside and outside the blockchain industry, the friends who ask questions on the spot are very enthusiastic, the venue filled with a happy atmosphere.

The AurumOx Business Ecology 2.0 Global Strategy Conference is coming to the end, the believers of AO left a lot of feelings in Macao tonight. With the tent slowly fall, AO blockchain new journey will start, what we can do is complete the mission and moving forward!

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