The All-field Application of the AO Public Chain is Steadily Advancing.

AurumOx Protocol
Jul 24 · 3 min read

Today, the Internet has an impact on every aspect of our lives. “Internet +” has been realized in many fields. The birth of blockchain technology, as an effective supplement to this time, is not to subvert the Internet, but to solve the pain points and problems that Internet technology cannot solve.

AurumOx Protocol (AO) is a public chain based on the DDPOS consensus mechanism and will build an all-field blockchain ecology covering the “GGEC + GGE + GBB + GREE”.

As a unicorn project in the blockchain industry, AO has been steadily advancing on the application of the project ecology, which proves the value of the project itself, as well as, makes a sound for blockchain. The unknown and imagination of the blockchain is not just about the capital itself, but also comes from the power of landing and application.

On April 18, Global Blockchain Bank (GBB) based on AO high-speed public chain was officially released, which was 8 months ahead of the estimated time. As the DAPP of AO public chain, its release not only promotes the improvement of application layer, but also lays an important foundation for creating a new generation of gold circulation system while further promoting the development of the entire ecological chain process.

On June 14th, AO signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Jiannan International Travel Service (Ctrip supplier), officially and comprehensively landed the international tourism service, issued 13 countries travel cards that can be used for AO real-time consumption in 13 countries, and provided AO cash machines and POS machines. Let AO take you to 13 countries around the world for a walk-and-go tour.

On July 18, in the activity of Great China Happy City House Purchase, AO’s fans, Bit, enjoyed the results of his participation in the trading contest hosted by AO in April, and more importantly, used the blockchain technology in a breakthrough way. The high-performance public chain of AO provided a traceability on chain for the real estate transaction.

As an important member of the Great China International Group’s investments on blockchain, the real estate industry represented by Hong Kong Great China Real Estate will use AO to conduct data traceability in the future. At the same time, as the top of the AO all-field ecology, the global real estate exchange will be brilliant under the emerging business model of blockchain + real estate.

We sincerely believe that AO will shine in many fields of the global economy in the future in the blockchain wave.

AurumOx Protocol

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