Social Network Visualisation — what are its limitations and benefits

I really love those graphs! That we can clearly distinguish the schools of interests as clusters is a glaring indication of our multi-faceted world today.

And yet, I can’t help but get the feeling that the Baltimore network map is being fairly presumptuous (as all visualizations will be) — how should we interpret the middles portion, where several of the regions are melded together? What kind of people are they, and do they get along with each other? The ‘Sports’ and ‘Hip Hop/Music’ regions appear to be swirling right at the center — implying another distinct group beside Latino Americans and White Americans…

Furthermore, there are so many links connecting the ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Politics & Media’ — one might be inclined to believe that a significant number of individuals are interested in both simultaneously, and may even be partaking in both ethnicity simultaneously.

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