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Jun 14 · 2 min read

We’ve come a long way since our grand opening way back when. The intervening months saw new games slip into the rotation, some with a whisper and others with a shout, favourites have left the building, partnerships bloomed and, inimitably, all the craziness of GGS 1 and GGS 2: The Lost World Judgement Day.

We’re proud of our accomplishments but we strive to provide something more! With GGS2 still burnt onto our rearview mirrors and the scent of competition heady in the air, we’ve turned our focus to improving customer support. Aside from existing channels, your Facebooks, Twitters, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, email service, Discord and the rest, we wondered what the logical next step might be. As the support staff wobbled anxiously, wondering whether the next few days would see a speckled pigeon arrive to the office door bearing the ‘Train by Friday’ message, live chat was already halfway to full integration, and it’s here right now!

You don’t have to sign up for another service or pass your details on, you can do everything from our website. It’s simple, hit up — while you’re there check out our weekly poker content— and select the ‘live chat’ icon in the bottom corner. If we’re available, you’ll be instantly zipped to the chat window, where you can tell us why you love GGPoker, scream bad beats at the top of your lungs or let us assist with your day-to-day issues, and all at lightspeed! Office hours are 09:00–17:30 UTC Monday to Saturday.

Let’s chat

Here’s to the next step, here’s to improving, here’s to the future.

We’ll see you at the tables,

The Cat in the Chat


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