Feature Request: Google Maps Priorities

Taking Maps in a New Direction

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The Problem

Last year, I was traveling down to Williamsburg, and I decided to use the toll road. Had I been driving during peak rush hour, this choice would have saved me quite a bit of time. Unfortunately, it was a Tuesday at 10:45 AM, so the toll road did nothing for me but empty my bank account. I wish Google Maps had told me that despite my $12.33 payment, my trip would still take about three hours.

Time, money, and what really matters

If my reliance on Grammarly has not given me away, I am a college student. When I drive, I almost always have Google Maps filter out toll roads (yes, you can do that). This is fine for normal commutes, but when going into the city, I like to compare my options. Unfortunately, in its current state, Google only provides me with the following information: which routes have tolls and which ones do not. When Google feels generous, I may be told that a route has “partial tolls,” but prior to researching this sentence, I was not aware of what partial tolls were. The current solution is okay, but I want more information when I embark on a drive.

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Driving from Baltimore from Hagerstown is brutal.

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