How To began In The Stock Market

Many mid-income to lower income people, talk about investing one day when they are making a lot of money, But what they don’t realize is they can start investing some of their discretionary income right now! I don’t make a lot of money, I work part time. But Investing is a lot of fun; I’ve found … Continue reading How to be a beginner in the stock market

Getting rid of your JUNK, With Listia! Listia is a lot like eBay, Instead everything is free. It’s a wonderful site, Where you can trade items you don’t need for items that you actually want. When you sell something, You get credits. Those credits can be applied to another item you want to purchase. It’s basically a trading website! They even have a feedback … Continue reading Give away your junk! Get cool stuff! With Listia!

We’ve all heard about Costco and Sam’s club, but how about even better prices, without leaving our house? There are many not well known sites that actually make this very possible. Lots of dried food items like Pastas, Beans, and sauces. Have a very long shelf life. Yet we spend lots of gas and wear and tear on our car going to and from the … Continue reading SAVE MONEY, Buy all your food in BULK online.

SHOULD I USE MERCARI OR EBAY TO SELL MY STUFF? My review on the fantastic selling app Mercari ★★★★★ I was a bit hesitant to use the app Mercari while I’ve had lots of experience using Ebay. This seemed much less popular; I didn’t think I would sell anything! I went ahead and tried it Because Ebay can be a pain in the butt to … Continue reading Mercari Vs Ebay

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