Franz v. Weizsäcker, Uta Meier-Hahn, Lars Wannemacher

Disclaimer: You will find exploratory thoughts in this blog. This is not a place to look for governmental positions. The Blockchain Lab is an experimental outfit within Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH at the intersection of research, start-ups, and development practitioners.

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The race is on: The Libra consortium is developing a global payment infrastructure based on an asset-backed stablecoin, the Libra. The People’s Bank of China rushed to announce its digital version of the yuan, intending to defend sovereignty in response to Libra. …

This post is an adapted excerpt from our recent publication “Blockchain: A World Without Middlemen”, which is also accessible at The publication serves as an examination of the many learnings on hypes and realities around blockchain in the context of development cooperation. …

It’s September 2015. Representatives from all member states of the United Nations gather in the general assembly and sign possibly the most ambitious UN resolution the world has seen: Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It has an objective no smaller than its title would indicate. In 17 goals and a whopping 169 targets, the UN intricately defines what we still need to undertake in order for everyone to live a dignified, equal, prosperous and peaceful life by 2030.

From the onset, the UN has embraced the role of digital innovation as one means to achieve the…

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Agile implementor of digitalisation projects in the SDG context | Conceptual driver for digital and blockchain governance models | Lab at Deutsche Gesellschaft

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