1Q98: the continuity


Have you ever felt like you were lost in your own thoughts? Similar to the time when you sat and stare there, alone, throughout the window, watched how the raindrop was falling, just the same as I started to fall for you, slowly and then all at once.

The way you entered the room and I was not realized you have already been there because I was too focus on waiting you and lost on my own mind. You know, we all people wait­­­ — wait until realise that life isn’t only all about waiting.

you called my name gently, and then my heart suddenly pumped quicker like it has been on the race or war, nerves got under my skin and I looked at you like a blinded man could see the world for the first time.

therefore I knew it was you, it was always been you.

smile on your face, mole on your cheek and neck. ah, what else then i do not know about you? the things about getting know and getting close to someone is that you have to break something inside when you have to leave it. in the same manner as bird’s nest was cut off in order to be apart from a tree.

I do not know is it all worth it, loving you, but what I do know that I do not mind the pain at all. It is not the pain but the hope that was killing me.

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