from atlantis to interzone

a whole big world, like an old enemy who is still trying to tame me and i am trying to conquer the world in return. when you are in trouble, do not think you are in a disaster, imagine yourself as actor who is playing on a beautifully written nightmares drama.

oh, how i thought about my life in this world: an unfinished novel, the past was just a prologue for the climax who ain’t yet coming. it is all made up by fiction. ending is still far away and blurred.

shouldn’t we just live the way we want to live? travel into the unknown, go to places so far away, hear the voices that we do not understand, meet stranger faces. let’s make a plan to run away from this world — as long as you are with me.

i dreamed of taking you to an island that is not on the map. so anyone could not take you away from me. what do you say? shall we….

but maybe one day i will just completely vanish. maybe you will definitely forget about me. but i will keep a part of you, know the fire burnt in your eyes, the feelings burst in your chest and i can hear the voices of your heart beating.

how can i forget?

could be. when come a time when my brain is broke and will not remember you again. words are like lonely people who extend their hands, trying reach out something. sometimes they are ignored, not have anything in return, died as the time goes by.

i do not know what is the other words for my love, but i know, it could not be game.

because all game must end.

i just want to be right here, in this world, with you.

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