Hi, my name is George. I’m the founder of Barcelona Code School. Before starting this educational project I have been building websites since 2008. I got to web design and development quite unintentionally. Back in 2008 I was running my publishing company focused on Japanese manga. Obviously I needed a website and I started to look for web developers. Some charge too much, some charged to little for being trustworthy . In the end I’ve found a guy who agreed to build a website and seemed to be reliable and sane. Everything worked out fine but after the launch I needed to do some minor tweaks and changes and he became really slo to respond. So I started with some smaller changes, trying little by little to play around with html, css and php files.

By learning meow I’ve been able to do more and so it started. I completely took over the management of the company’s website, when built another one for the B2C online store and after ending my publishing project and selling it to competitors I’ve created quite a lot of websites for newly emerging clients. Most of the website were built for startups and small businesses so I guess I can say that I know this area and what needs and limitations these type of entrepreneurs are facing.

During this time I’ve found that for many people the ability to update, change and manage their websites is crucial and finally I arrived to WordPress platform which is extremely powerful and user-friendly. It makes a good choice for people unfamiliar with coding.

By now combining the experience I have with building websites for real companies and after hosting numerous WordPress workshops I have developed a smooth and extensive curriculum for the WP workshops and the best one we’ve got right now is 3-day Ultimate WordPress course.

Why is it so amazing? Because in three days, 4 hours every day, anybody can learn how to build a website from scratch and make it look super professional. I am amazed when I get some positive feedback from my students and even better — when I see the results such as finished websites. For sure not all of them actually finish their websites since it takes some time and effort to implement the knowledge acquired during the course but it’s the lack of motivation, not skills.

The structure of these course is really simple — I build a website myself from zero and students follow me with their projects. It let’s them understand how it works in real world and go through all the steps and possible challenges they might have in the future. Basically, if you listen and follow your mentor carefully there is a 100% chance that you will be able to use WP for building any kind of projects. We normally have some small groups with limited number of students since everybody has their unique projects and we adapt to that by explaining al the details specific to each one’s projects (at least we really, really try to).

There is also an economical benefit in taking this course over hiring somebody else to do your website. With average WP developer’s hourly rates between 30 and 40€ per hour and billing you something from 40 hours and up you are saving huge especially considering that you can use and reuse acquired skill as many times as you want for the unlimited amount of websites you might want to build in your life.

I really wanted to share with you this information so that it would be completely clear — learning how to build websites at Barcelona Code School is easy and the results are amazing. Amen!

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