Next time you decide to comment on the ease or not of my job, please take a moment to consider what it is I do.

You might think, all I do is hand you a pair of boots to try on, then fit you another 4 sets because they don’t quite feel right….no shit Sherlock. They are ski boots, not your slippers. Then fit your boots to the skis, sorry, I did have to ask your weight, it’s purely for safety, I don’t really want to know what weight and shoe size every customer who comes through is.

Then try a couple of different poles for you. Then have the cheek to ask you for identification….terrible. Then you complain at the price because you’ve just come back from France and it was cheaper there. Fair enough. Go back to France and hire some skis there….Yeah.

You didn’t think about the hours spent maintaining the sets of skis, waxing, de-waxing, cleaning, greasing…etc.

Oh yeah, those boots you have on. Notice how dry they are, but they spent many hours in the slopes yesterday, they need to be dried.

So please next time you hire skis, just be polite, even if you think I am a cock, I’m being like that for your safety and to make sure you come off the hill in one piece and that you can return those skis, for me to clean, dry and re-wax, ready for someone else to use in the coming days.

So yes, I may be sitting here in front of a nice gas heater, but the 5 minute snapshot you saw of my role is not all I do. This goes for thousands of other jobs you might think are easy. Think for a minute about what goes on when you are not around. I’ll happily swap for a day. I’ll go enjoy myself on the snow. You stay here and do all the work that people never see and maybe dont even know happens….Thought not.

Starting to remove old wax
Some of the wax I removed
Some more old wax
Most of the old wax removed
Beginning to apply new wax coat
More wax
Some freshly applied wax
More wax on the ski
Just some of the ski’s we have for hire that all need to be protected with wax and the same for the snowboards
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