User Experience vs. Customer Experience

User experience is the same as customer experience. Imagine you’re walking around the mall and you’re specifically looking to buy some new shoes for a meeting. The first shoe store you see with a great logo and branding you will probably give it a shot. Branding can draw the customer to the store, but it won’t keep them there. First impressions are very important. You walk into the store and it feels cold, its dark, the music is extremely loud, and it smells like a teenager spraying axe all around. In this case you probably will have the urge to walk out unless you’re a big fan of Hollister. When you walk into the store did you have to explore the store to find the shoe that you wanted? Or were the shoes visible once you walked into the store. These behaviors are all second nature and we don’t even realize that we are judging our experience of what we are consuming.

Every employee should approach the customer and figure out what their need is right away, so they can sell them on exactly what they want rather than guessing and throwing different sales tactics at the customer. In the mobile app world this is knowing who you’re target market is and not bombarding them with ad after ad. All of this applies to mobile apps. The brand can maybe get the user to download it, but how do you keep them on the app? A clean user interface is critical because it gives the user trust and makes them believe that the app has been launched for a while. This is extremely important especially if your app is receiving payment. But, taking the user from problem to solution as quick and easy as possible is the key for them to continue progressing through the app and eventually making a purchase. If the user feels going from problem to solution is too confusing or they are getting stuck, they have a high percentage of closing the app and deleting it forever. Of course, there are many more factors in designing a beautiful mobile app and I hope to share more and more with you all as I progress.

Take out your phone and play around on Instagram or your favorite app. Pay attention to your behavior using the app and how easy it is to navigate around. If you didn’t have a clue what user experience was before this blog, I hope that you now have a slight understanding :)

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