6 Major Skills for Every Social Marketing Professional

As more and more Social Marketing Manager and Community Manager roles become available and are created, what are the key skills needed for success in an employee? Or better put, what skills will you as an employee need to develop or refine. Hopefully this list of skills below helps guild you as an employee looking for a Social Media Marketing role, or as an Employer hiring for a Social Media or Community Manager’s role.

Photography and Videography

Quite an obvious one really. However more obvious are people who can take amazing and dynamic shots when compared to those who can not. Imagery is EVERYTHING in Social Media. You now have 0.5sec to attract the attention of the audience, and then probably 0.5 sec before the get bored or unengaged and keep scrolling! One aspect of posts which I know grabs my attention are images and videos.

With the recent Facebook and Instagram updates (Auto playing videos as you scroll) makes photos and videos even more important than ever. Having good quality, high res photos and videos (with strong and exciting music) can double if not quad triple your social media conversions, interactions and engagement rates.


Photoshop used to be a “designer” only skill set. Now, every marketer needs to know how to quickly touch up, resize and reformat images; even if it is at the most basic level. The best way to build your Photoshop experience and skill level is to jump onto YouTube and search for Photoshop tutorials. These are great as you are watching often a graphic or industrial design professional as you complete the same task.

Another great skill on Photoshop (a little more advanced) are the addition of textures and layers. Now this may be a little down the track if you have never used Photoshop in the past, however you should be able to pick it up very quickly. I recommend to start building a texture and brush library on your laptop. These textures can come from Google searches and even IPhone shots when your out and about, just start collecting them!


We all know what SEO is but do we all know its impact on our linked social accounts and website links SEO? Probably not, and this fact is not well documented from Google either. Put simply, MAKE SURE YOUR SOCIAL POSTS MATCH THE TARGETED KEYWORDS THAT YOUR WEBSITE ARE HITTING! Sorry about the CAPS, but its very important and can impact heavily on the Google algorithm for your website’s ranking


Another key skill is analytical for all Social Media Marketers. As these figures are instantaneous and always live its important to quickly and accurately analyze your posts as you are posting them. Its almost as important as conducting a de-brief after a campaign and crunching engagement rates. Being able to spot analytical trends whilst mid campaign can mean the difference from a good one, to an amazing one! There are some really good articles all over Mashable and Google focusing on Social Media Analytics. Plus I’m always available on email if you have any direct questions ☺

Content Writing

Obvious skill here. The ability to punch out great, engaging and deep content is a must for any digital or social media manager these days. Make sure its important and news worthy for your audience, and posted in a timely fashion with great images and your campaign will be a total success. Share and post useless content, well then it will be a failure. A key statistic to look for mid campaign are the amount of users reading to the end of the article. If the majority get there — your on the right track. If the all close the tab or click elsewhere only one paragraph in — you have a problem.

Basic Marketing Project and Operations Management

I could spend all day discussing and writing about the importance of project management in Marketing. There are some key pointers for Social Media Marketers:

Have a Game Plan — Great article here!

Better Yet have a back up plan!

Have a solid distribution plan and method. I strongly recommend the use of HootSuite. Have a play around for your personal Social Media accounts and you’ll know what I mean.

Most of all, Have fun posting. You can really tell when the person posting content and photos is happy and in a great mood. “Be that guy!”.

If you have any questions, comments or need some advice for landing that Social Media or Community Manager’s role feel free to email me anytime!