What is the Perfect Social Media Campaign??

Well for starters, and you are going to be disappointed with this one, there isn’t one. Sorry, its unfortunate and somewhat sad. However being a marketing professional I have created some processes and guidelines to ensure your businesses Social Media Campaign’s reach their maximum potential.

Lets begin with the idea!

The Idea, the post, the content. Its all important as it makes up around 90% of the actual post. Make sure your content is insightful and most of all helpful. Remember your audience and what makes them laugh, smile, cry and feel emotional. After all it is the “Human Truth” that encourages one to interact with content. There is a strong correlation between a person’s emotions begin triggered and the same reader/user liking or sharing the post. So make sure you play with these emotions! Use a person’s emotions to influence their engagement with your post and content. This is crucial.

“Make Sure You Use The Reader’s Emotions!”

One of the first steps I take when writing content is deciding on the topic. Yep we all do this. But the second box I check is what emotions I want my readers to be experiencing? If they are laughing, will they engage with my post more than if I make them cry or feel humble? Once this has been decided then we can begin writing.

Make Sure It Talks To Your Community!

One of the most important parts of Social Media Marketing, yet it gets overlooked all the time; quite shocking really. Many social media accounts from companies and brands share great content and a lot do not. Great content is that which is needed and “eaten up” by their targeted community. Fox Sports would not post about a fashion show! They would be posting about injuries, team selections and the weekends games. Makes scene when you are a fan or follower of a brand. Can be tricky when you are the brand.

The easiest way to generate content which is needed and wanted by your community is through interaction. A great campaign recently from WeetBix was for their community to share with them (and the entire community of followers) the way they ate their WeetBix in the morning. By doing so, WeetBix are not generating content, their followers are; Increasing interaction with the brand and product! Something to think about.

Deciding on Platforms?

When it comes to deciding on a Social Media Platform strategy it purely comes down to “what social media channel has the biggest reach in my target audience?” Now in answering this question it may be a combination of channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). However at the same time your post and content may have a larger impact on a single social media channel. This needs to be assessed as per every case!

Without making Social Media Marketing scientific, one way I like to communicate and illustrate this decision with my clients is:

Target Audience = ((Content + Imagery + Posting Frequency) x Channels)/ Impact per channel

Effectiveness Rating is 1–10 (1 Highest — 10 Lowest)

For example, say you were looking at posting marketing content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Your Website Blog and LinkedIn. The impact of each channel you personally rate at 0.6 (Impact of channel is rated 0.1–1.0). The overall rating effectiveness of your campaign for this singular post is 8.333. Pretty low considering we haven’t added in Frequency of posting yet.

But, what if Twitter and LinkedIn were having a negative impact on your posts. Lets say we do not post of Twitter and LinkedIn and redirect these posts to our other 3 channels. This would boost of impact per channel rating to 0.8 — taking the overall effectiveness rating to 3.75.

Try this analysis on your current Social Media Marketing Campaign!

With all this In mind, what do I do now?

Well this is the easy part. Once you have decided on your content, imagery and social media channels its time to start putting together weekly posting timeline. One of the best tools around for this by far is HootSuite. Its free and manages all social media accounts from posts, followers, messages and more.

Let me know how you go with your campaigns below!