WasteWell: A Local Manufacturing Success-Story in the Making.

WasteWell had a mixed first year of operations, finding that the quality of the products on offer had been very much to the liking of a number of high-value customers, but that the WasteWell brand name itself carried with it some ill-will with customers. Despite this branding issue, on balance the first year of operations have been a growing success.

A strategic decision was made early in the reporting year to register WasteWell Fabrication as our name going forward and expanding our marketing to include local steel fabrication as a service in the local area. This decision was made in order to ensure viability as a business irrelevant of Landfill Lid and TipWell sales nationally.

Since operations began, WasteWell has 2 permanent employees, Tim Rees as Manager and Kris Ball as welder/boilermaker. A number of casual staff are also on call as work comes up, with the plan being that local steel fabrication will be increased and more stable work secured for them moving forward.

Resource Recovery Great Lakes has been developing a healthy working relationship with WasteWell since it was started, with RRGL Manager David Hardy more than happy to share his experiences with Community Resources Communications Officer Joshua Burguete-Kirkman for this year’s Annual Report.

What does WasteWell do for RRGL David?

Basically WasteWell provides an extra skill set for Resource Recovery. Not only can we get issues sorted like truck repairs, excavator repairs, etc. internally, but we also have an opportunity to keep value/income within WasteWell instead of contracting out to others. It also allows us to offer to Midcoast Council another (range) of skills that we previously didn’t have to offer, jobs we couldn’t do in the past we now can because we do have access to the engineering workshop and the expert staff with the job specific skills to do it.

It’s also great to now be able to talk about waste so much more broadly with WasteWell adding their product range to compliment Resource Recovery. We really do have the full package available now.

What jobs has WasteWell done for you lately?

Internally they have done several repairs on plant and machinery for us, the team have all been great and exactly what we were after at RRGL. On site they have installed the lock boxes on the gates for Midcoast Council as well as many other engineering jobs that have popped up from time to time.

“Tim has the speed, the quality and the right team who are able to deliver”

What is it like working with Tim and the team at WasteWell?

Tim has employed 3 guys who are really clued up in their job, and who have a no fuss attitude. A good example was recently, when we had a problem with the tailgate on the truck. I called him up explaining that we had a safety issue with the truck and he said that we could drop it in first thing and get it done. It was left with him in the morning and back to us by lunch. That’s great for me (and the productivity of RRGL).

Tim has the speed, the quality and the right team who are able to deliver.

You can read the full Community Resources Annual Report here