Workplace Services — Meeting the needs of JR Richards

JR Richards has been a great customer of Workplace Services for some time, so for our 2016 Annual Report we thought we would hear about Workplace Services and its service from their unique perspective.

Thank you for speaking to us for our Annual Report today Anthony, we really appreciate you taking the time to discuss JR Richards’ working relationship with Tim from Workplace Services.

Anthony: No problem, happy to chat.

So, to begin with, could you give me a quick rundown of what your role with JR Richards?

Anthony: I’m the regional manager for JR Richards in Taree, Great Lakes, Dungog, and Gloucester, which covers a fair area from Tea Gardens as far up as Kew, out as far as basically Maitland too. It is a wide area and I look after all the domestic contracts, liquid waste, the commercial front lift, Council clean ups, etc.

We also do a lot of stuff for Essential Energy contracts, we’ve got a lot with them. Basically all of the skip sort of work too; we have a number of skip companies as well.

Anything to do with waste we take care of!

Great! So, in terms of your relationship with Workplace Services: what service is it that they provide to you?

Well, they basically provide me with labour when it is needed. I can ring Tim on a Friday afternoon and say that I need three or four blokes to start on a Monday morning, which means that I actually need them here on a Friday afternoon for an induction, and he gets it done for me basically.

Is that one of the key benefits of the service?

Yes, he responds straight away for me. He has helped me out of a number of situations pretty quickly, which I haven’t had off other workplace labour hire mobs. Other services usually say that they can’t get a hold of anyone by Monday, and that is too late for us. Our motto with the company is that we empty every bin, every day and provide all of the service that we can for that day. So, his ability to respond so quickly really works for us.

So the short term, short notice need is very important for you?

We try and give Workplace Services as much notice as possible of course, but it is not always that way you know. For example, with a Great Lakes curb side clean-up one time we had a shortage of labour at the last minute, which was really bad timing. Anyway, I got straight on to Workplace Services, and they had four blokes here on a Friday afternoon for me, they all had to be inducted and ready to start the following Monday morning at 5am. The outcome: they were all here 5am Monday morning ready to go.

So, it is a relationship that is strong and you trust him to deliver on this?

Yeah, I definitely trust him, yeah. He has never let me down, ever. A few weeks ago I needed a lady to help me out at the Taree landfill, transfer station and tip shop. I had a late notice problem with staff for a weekend shift, and Tim had someone to us Friday afternoon for an induction and they were on the job Saturday morning ready to go.

I understand that sometimes some of the people on labour hire end up working for JR Richards anyway. Does this happen often?

It’s not that often, because our process with employing people is that we need to do interviews, reference checks, medicals and that, and it can take 2 weeks, and I often can’t wait that long. So I will call Tim and say: “I’ve got this person to start here with us, but I can’t start him before this date”, and Tim organises it all for me, puts it through his books until we can employ him or her full time. Sometimes it can take up to a month! He speeds up the recruitment process for us, that’s for sure.

What more can they do for you moving forward?

Absolutely nothing as far as I’m concerned. I couldn’t be happier with what Workplace Services provides. I couldn’t say more about Tim regarding his professionalism, and with his ability to help me out etc. What he does for me, couldn’t be happier.