The Greater Lafayette Partners for Student Success — Our Core Values

The Greater Lafayette Partners for Student Success are a committed group of school administrators, teachers, parents and community members interested in fostering the growth of our communities’ future servant leaders by promoting four core values: Parents as the Primary Educators; Education of the Whole Person; Educational Choice; and Servant Leadership.

Parents as the Primary Educators
Parents have an original, primary and inalienable right and responsibility to educate their children. Schools play an essential and key role in aiding parents to both exercise this primary right and fulfill its responsibility. Ensuring parents are the primary educators not only makes sense from a fundamental, natural perspective — it also makes good policy. When parents have more choice in finding the school that best fits their child’s needs, they own the choice. When parents own the choice they are more engaged, invested and also have more influence.

Education of the Whole Person
Education is not simply a transfer of information, but is transformative of the person receiving it. Education should not be solely about the building of knowledge, but also the building of character. Education of the whole person includes all aspects essential to human flourishing: physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

Educational Choice
The first two core values cannot co-exist without robust school choice that includes public, non-public, and home school options. Schools can only participate in the education of the whole person if parents, as the primary educators, are free to choose a school that best meets their family’s needs regardless of income. In order for robust school choice to exist there cannot be direct or indirect religious-based exclusions from government educational benefits.

Servant Leadership
Success cannot be measured solely by popular culture’s definition of achievement, the size of one’s salary, or the number of one’s material possessions. Success must also be measured by one’s willingness to serve and the positive impact a person has on their family, community, and the world. Developing servant leaders should be a fundamental component of education, and is essential to a growing, thriving community.