Support School Choice!

Nearly every administrator, teacher or parent you talk to these days agrees that there is too much time spent on state testing and administration, robbing valuable time from the classroom and educational experiences.

However, regulation is typically the only way for citizens to attempt to gain some control over quality and reduce corruption in an environment that is controlled by one supplier (government or private). When there is only a single provider of any product or service there can be a higher risk of waste, inefficiency and poor quality. In areas where the government is the sole provider or in industries that are monopolistic in nature, high regulation is often part of the package. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

When consumers have choice they have mobility — and this can make a huge difference. The more mobility the “consumer” has in a transaction, the more they are in a position to demand quality, demand efficiency and demand a service that best meets their needs. This mobility comes from choices. When families have a choice in schools, they become the de facto regulators — and this method of regulation can be far more effective and far less costly to administer. If parents want to see schools that work and reduce the politics in our schools they should embrace school choice.

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