Through The Years

Twenty years ago I was a totally different person. I was living like I was entitled to everything. I looked at my bad situation and blamed other people with it! I judge everything according to what I believe in.

Experience changed all that! The thing is- the more you resist, the more it will break you! I was broken and I did not know how to get up! It was hard for me to call for help- I was not a trusting person.

God, music and my kids were the lights guiding my way to make it through the end of the tunnel. The thing is- it does not matter what you believe in, it does not matter what and how much you know- you will fail, once or twice, or several times. What matters is the strength to come back up again!

Now, I remember those times and I remind myself every now and again, but I don’t dwell on it. It became my foundation, my anchor that boosts me towards my goal. I have changed and change is good.

  • I don’t look at situations and run from it- I try to overcome it.
  • I don’t judge people and things just because they are different than me.
  • I get angry and show it, and confront people about it- because I don’t have time and space in my heart to store it.
  • I don’t give way to sneer and silly talks, it does not amuse me.
  • I promise when I can and I’m not embarrassed to break it as long as I tell the truth.

I am not a perfect person, no one is. I am a person that strives to be good- in a sensible way. I learned to acknowledge the people that I met and became a vital piece of thread on my tapestry of life. Most of them vibrant…some dark! All the same — I thank them all.

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