Paulus Widjaja

Paulus is one of three Plenary Speakers for our June 2016 Conference and Festival

Paulus Widjaja holds major positions in peace-related efforts in his native Indonesia. He is a lecturer on the faculty of theology at Duta Wacana Christian University in Jogjakarta, Central Java, teaching ethics and peacebuilding. Paulus completed an M.A. in Peace Studies from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, IN. His Ph.D. is in theological ethics from Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Theology, Pasadena, CA. He is Director of the Center for the Study and Promotion of Peace, also at Duta Wacana Christian University . In that capacity he oversees and participates in trainings in mediation and conflict transformation, offered to those who live in Indonesia, as well as throughout Asia/Pacific. The Center’s services are used by a broad public made up of many religious groups (including Christians, Muslims, and Hindus), by many ethnic communities, and by a variety of professionals, among them government officials and leaders of NGOs. The Center also offers trainings geared to women and trainings for children.

Following the 2004 tsunami, Paulus became chairman of a collaborative effort in Indonesia, which provides trauma healing and conflict transformation training. This civil society organization is made up of several religious communities and has so far focused on Aceh and Nias, both in Indonesia.

Until 2015, Paulus was the Peace Council Secretary for Mennonite World Conference, a worldwide community of Anabaptist-related churches. He is also an advisor for the Muria Academy, a training center for potential pastors, operated by the GKMI Synod of the Indonesia Mennonite church.

Paulus brings his experience to our GMP International Advisory Committee, and will be one of three Plenary Speakers for our Conference and Festival next summer.