Hi everybody! Guys from BitcoinX asked Sergey Maltsev to give an answer for several questions recently. Here is your unique opportunity to read these answers before BitcoinX will send it to their outlets. Here you go!


BitcoinX:Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. So, tell us who you are and what your position is at GMP Project?

GMP Project: My name is Sergei Maltsev, founder and architect behind GMP Project.

BitcoinX: Tell us — what is GMP Project? What is the main idea behind the project and why did you decide to start it?

GMP Project: The main idea of the project is its mission of creating a unique platform for the realization of innovative ideas of scientists. It’s important to give them an opportunity to realize their creative potential. We will support their projects at all stages — from development to commercialization.

Initiatives are to be funded with 80% of our resources and with 20% of investors’ resources. For this very reason, our first goal is to create support for the constant flow of money. Metrological GMP centers will help us with that.

BitcoinX: Blockchain technology is expected to alter the landscape and/or create efficiencies in almost every industry. In what ways does your technology address these?

GMP Project: The creation of an extensive network of metrological GMP centers around the world is in our plans.

Blockchain is going to be implemented in operation of our centers. It will enhance the interaction, exchange of information and accessibility between the centers.

Blockchain is to be used in our innovative clusters as well ranging from voting and project analysis to artificial intelligence involved in operation management.

BitcoinX: When and why did you first decide to do an ICO?

GMP Project: The decision came after the successful implementation and analysis of our pilot project.

We saw a great potential in this field containing unique opportunity. It was decided to scale the project as soon as possible. At the moment the thing like ICO gives us such opportunity. Most importantly it is a mutually beneficial cooperation: investors help us, and tomorrow we share our results with them in the form of benefits.

BitcoinX: Tell us about what preparation was required to get the project to this point?

GMP Project: At the moment GMP Project is on the implementation stage and the largest step that we’ve made so far is the creation of the first metrology GMP Center.

The stages of implementation in a nutshell:

The first stage — the creation of a team.

The second stage — overcoming the organizational difficulties and the creation of our first metrology GMP center.

The third stage — obtaining the certificate of legal entity in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements.

The fourth stage — the start of operation of the first metrology GMP center.

Fifth stage — performance evaluation of the first year.

The sixth stage — certification confirmation for the first metrology GMP center from Federal Accreditation Service.

The seventh step — additional certification of GMP Project in various regions of the Russian Federation.

The eighth stage — performance analysis of GMP Project.

We have already accomplished various stages, but, looking at the bigger picture, we’re in the very beginning of our journey.

BitcoinX: What makes this project especially exciting for ICO participants? What makes them want to join?

GMP Project: Implemented stages of the project with involvement of our own funds and efforts show our earnest intentions and make investments in our project highly reliable.

Our investors (GMP token holders) will regularly get:

1. Dividends from the business enterprises.

2. Tokens from our partners.

I should also add that the investors are going to get excited by the growth of GMP tokens.

The growth is attributed to: introduction of GMP token to various fields, successful performance of the Project and ongoing token promotion.

Our investors can rest assured that their funds are safe and work for the benefit of all parties.

BitcoinX: Where are you in the actual development phase of the project?

GMP Project: Our project is going full speed ahead.

Our main issue is the project implementation speed that is based on the amount of investment received. The more funds we gather the higher we will rise.

BitcoinX: After a successful ICO, what is the timeline for coming to market?

GMP Project: Our ICO is split into three stages. After stage 1 our tokens will enter the exchanges. One of the main tasks at this stage is the representation of GMP tokens on all major exchanges.

BitcoinX: Are you focused in any specific geographic areas?

GMP Project: In addition to various locations throughout Russia we plan to have centers in 70 countries. And for that we must be prepared.

Our first steps are not difficult — Russian market has low competition.

Approximately half of the centers will be opened in the Russian Federation.

We will have enough time to get ready for the expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.

BitcoinX: For those who have read your whitepaper and other info, is there anything else you want to add to convince them to participate?

GMP Project: I’d just like to repeat myself: Our investors can rest assured that their funds are safe and work for the benefit of all parties.

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