Tech CEOs’ Nightmare: A President Totally at Odds With Their Values
Steven Levy

The late House Speaker Tip O’Neill famously said, “All politics is local.” So, who in Silicon Valley is going to make it possible to deal with the systematic corrupting tendencies of local politics? Who’s going to disrupt the geographic information systems (GIS’s) that enable gerrymandering of Congressional districts and smaller jurisdictions? Which startups are going to offer paid sabbatical leave to help get faceless local and state government bureaucracies out of the IT dark ages? Who’s going to disrupt the perverse political incentives that make elections officials defend insecure election registration systems and voting devices? Who’s got the vision to recover the promise of AI systems that can explain its reasoning rather than being an opaque magic neural network and allow anyone to fact-check the lies of the local State Representative at a Town Meeting in realtime? And do this in a rural or rust belt community that relies on 3G cellular service and DSL wired internet? And do it in a way that builds trust in itself rather than being just another exploitative advertising delivery system? I’m not holding my breath…