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The Diligence team will be in Paris next week. 🎉

*audience roars loudly*

Our members will be wandering about in the city of eternal love hacking, talking security and having fun! 💻 ❤️ 🥐 🍷

We will be present at most Ethereum and security-related events of next week. Let me give you a quick break down.


We have been preparing a great CTF to be held for the duration of EthCC (from the 5th to the 7th) with some of our friends at HellHound, Kleros, Trail of Bits. Ledger has, very kindly, sponsored the challenge with several prizes for the…

If Ethereum broke the shackles the cloud had us on then the Golem Project is here to give you super powers.

Golem Project’s splash page

Imagine you could you could easily rent a crazy expensive computer by the CPU cycle to render your next animated motion feature, wouldn’t it be great?

— It sure would, Gonçalo!

Then look no further my friends because the Golem Project is here to do exactly that.

As stated on their webpage:

Golem’s objective is to use (almost) any computing resource to execute tasks that today need to rely on centralized solutions.

Golem Network is going to be a…

Me and Gonçalo Silva won the Cisco Hackathon at Pixels Camp last Saturday and I’m sharing our experience here with 2 different purposes:

  • Present a write-up of said hackathon
  • Tell you why I think we won it so you can replicate! :)
From left to right: Gonçalo Silva, Austin Hyland (from Cisco) and Gonçalo Sá (me)


Github Repo:

I think I’ve made all the steps and explanations really clear on the repo’s README and so I’m going to focus more on guiding you through our thought process during the event.

We started out by reviewing all the tools Cisco made available:

  • phone (Tropo)
  • SMS (Tropo)
  • geolocation (Meraki)
  • other CMX data (Meraki)
  • chat (Spark)

Today was the blackest friday of all.

And I’ll tell you why…

I’ve been paying attention to the cryptocurrency markets for the past years. I’ve been studying them and trying to figure out all the inner workings of different altcoins but it wasn’t until Ethereum showed up that I felt the urge to participate.

It was the first currency (if we can even name it that way) that had a radically different value proposition and I as an individual believed in its vision and all the good things it would bring the world through decentralized computation.

So I started my…

How secure is your home?

Although it doesn’t seem like it, this is a manifesto about IT security.

This is meant for the people building IT products that need fast, agile development and too often disregard security in favor of many other things.

I am an InfoSec aficionado;

Never formally taught on the topic but learning about hacking (whatever the color of the hat) since the age of 6.

The need to publish this piece has been building up for almost 2 years now, and do not get me wrong: I am not trying to teach anything to anyone, I am just expelling my demons.

Gonçalo Sá

Destroyer of chains and Hacker of systems.

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