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Using the right tools while developing a project is a significant part of its success. You need it to look professional and be up-to-date, don’t you? The range of software is rather wide. But nobody has enough time to test everything offered on the web market. It takes some time to make rational conclusions weather a tool suits you or not. So in this post GNS is giving you a clue how to make sure you pick the right approach.

The secret is much more than simple. GNS developers recommend that you use Symfony framework for you project backend. It will definitely help you get quality and save time and funds in the future.

What is Symfony?

Synfony is a PHP web application framework. Besides, Symfony is free to use. It means you don’t need to scrape all the money you have to get an easy to use tool!

Launched on October 18, 2005 it has its versions updated every 6 months.

Symfony is built for creating robust applications in an enterprise context. It aims to offer web designers and developers full control over the configuration.

It`s certain the tool was built by professionals because it contains a number of components, quality plug-ins, it`s interoperable, reliable and marches on with IT time.

So surely you`re asking why we recommend Symfony as the best decision ever after?

Again and again the answer is easier than it can be! — because of its great advantages in technology!

Top Symfony Features

Here are the best things about Symfony, those very features GNS developers definitely appreciate:

  1. Fast and has strong performative functions. It`ll take much less time to perform all operations
  2. Flexibility, depicted by means of 3-in-1 framework: Full Stack (proposes lots of features), Brick by brick (building a framework according to your needs), Microframework (offering the ability to develop a specific way to use the project)
  3. Expandability. From the smallest brick to the complete core itself, everything is presented as a “bundle”. The system of bundles offers to change everything within Symfony
  4. Joy of development. The application allows web designers to focus on the actual highlights of it and to both fully validate the role and improve the productivity. There is also a legendary Web Debug Toolbar, detailed error pages and even native security!
  5. Great documentation library, community and professional support, best practices within the framework allow to rich successful usage of Symfony and appreciate all the strong points of the software
  6. Sustainability and upgradability. It will keep up with your demands for a long time

Symfony In Real World

Symfony is a simple way to create a quality project without wasting time and efforts. A lot of projects have already used Symfony and regarded its best features. Here are just a couple of them:

Why You Should Implement Symfony

The easiest way of building a new project is to take an existing CMS like WordPress. However, there are a couple of substantial problems with this approach.

The major issue is that you get stuck with the basic features every of these systems offer. If your project has any specific requirements outside them, you are bound to either use special plugins, or develop your own extensions. The former is a threat to security, usability and speed. The latter is a huge waste of time and money.

What does it all mean? Essentialy, if you have specific requirements regarding your project or plan to implement lots of new options in the future, you are much better of with custom solutions, based on modern frameworks, from the start.

Why GNS Recommends Symfony

You benefit from using Symfony because:

  1. You get an easily scalable and customizable project without security, speed and UX threats
  2. Development takes much less time. Developers that are familiar with certain frameworks don’t require as much time for research and have ready to implement solutions for most of your needs
  3. Less time spent on development means quicker start and lower expenditures
  4. Symfony is the most frequently used framework in GNS. Our developers constantly improve their skill by attending events and conferences associated with this framework, as well as taking certification courses
  5. We have a ready to use Symfony based CMS. It offers most of the features you get from other “universal” content management systems and is easily customizable.

Originally published at gns-it.com on October 10, 2016.

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