Оh Bay Area sports!

You spoil me!

Author: Seva Fridman
Photo: Darya Orlova

I now have 5 rings! One short of Michael Jordan.

Since I moved to America in 1993, 49ers won in 1994, Giants got three between 2010 and 2014, and now Warriors! Who would have thought that could ever happen… . And before Sharks.

But their win this year was so very deserved. The best team not only in basketball, but in all sports today, in my opinion.

The parade was awesome! In Oakland. Maybe for the last time. Strong rumors Warriors might move to SF in the near future. Will see. Here are a few images taken by talented photographer Darya Orlova.

I need one more ring to catch up with Jordan. Sharks? Hopefully before I am too old to remember… .

Bay Area is so rich in sports. So many great teams, events. And hey, maybe one day our own Gooddler Tour will make it to the list of top Bay Area Events!

Photo by Darya Orlova
Photo by Darya Orlova
Photo by Darya Orlova
Photo by Darya Orlova

Photo credit: Darya Orlova


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