A picture is worth a 1000 words

A video must be worth like a million words right?

At GO Youth Conference we welcome some amazing participants. Most of them are students and young entrepreneurs. The ambience is incredible, people share a lot of ideas and start new projects. You can imagine the vibe going on.

However, sometimes we do forget that starting a business at any age is a very very demanding challenge and you must overcome a lot of difficulties to make it possible.

Our video this year represents just that! We are showcasing the stories of 2 athletes and one entrepreneur, and how their struggles are related to each other when trying to conquer each one’s goal.

At Go Youth Conference 2015 we want you to get the knowledge you need to overcome this challenges and learn from the best. Come join us!

This amazing video was produced by our friends at The Flying Man, a new company based in Lisbon by top young entrepreneurs working on amazing projects like this one. Check their website to see more amazing projects!