Based on blockchain «GO CLC unique concept of the rental market development»

The development of decentralized databases has provoked the emergence of new markets and the development of established ones.

The company GO CUBO LODGE CLUB LTD (the GO CLC), has used this technology for the organization of a hotel chain consisting of mobile homes. It is planned to manage the infrastructure with the help of the CLUB which is created on the basis of the blockchain platform.

For this purpose GO CLC specialists have developed GODEX platform which will allow members of the community to communicate with each other and solve issues related to home management. Given that CLC acts as the organizer of the created communit it would be logical if it will take on the role of CLUB Manager.

Any natural or legal person can purchase its GO tokens to join the CLUB, — this is equivalent to the payment of membership fees. According to the rules of the CLUB GO tokens are a symbolic currency for which it is possible to have the right to rent CUBO houses and it is made for use in the CLUB.

However, GO tokens is not only a membership card and a means of settlement, but also a highly liquid asset. Due to the fact that the creation of Go platform uses the technology Atomic Swap, the owners of the digital currency can rent it out and exchange for coins of other platforms.

Rental tokens will be popular with travel companies, which will be able to influence the location of CUBO houses, their comfort and cost based on their own needs. In fact, it is an alternative to mining income only without electricity bills and the purchase of expensive equipment.

The lease term is set by the lessor independently but once a year ownership rights are updated. At this point, the contract can be prolonged or terminated.

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