CUBO LODGE CLUB is a new generation of service in the industry of hotel business and property management

GO CLC — your personal home for travel and rent worldwide.

Cubo lodge club: booking system based on smart contracts

The first thing that imagine people when they hear the phrase “mobile home” is something hoisted on wheels: adapted for short stay trailer on trailer which is made out of a van or truck. CUBO mobile home has nothing to do with this archetype.

CUBO’s mobility doesn’t consist in the ability to move independently from point A to point B, but in the ease of transportation of its structural elements. Unlike 99 percent of car campers CUBO is a fully-fledged home suitable for living both in the tropics and on the equator, and in regions with very harsh climate. CUBO is seismic resistant, solar panels are installed on its roof the capacity of which is enough for self-supply of electricity to the house. In CUBO, of course, there is a full bathroom with shower. At the same time, thanks to a detailed modular design, the house the living area of which exceeds 22 square meters in the transport position fits on the trailer of a passenger car (the weight of the standard house complex is only 2.5 tons, and the transport volume — 14 cubic meters). It takes a person from two to four hours to build a house who does not even have ultra-deep knowledge in the field of construction and in the process of assembly — he will not need any screws, bolts or special tools.

United in GO CUBO Lodge Club mobile homes CUBO are an alternative ecosystem of professional and business tourism which uses tokens to regulate the relationship and provides a wide choice of places to stay, flexible timing, anonymity, reasonable price and living in today’s technologically advanced homes.

According to the project roadmap only the first stage of its implementation starts on the 6 of March (Privat ITO-Initial Token Offering of GO tokens with a 42 percent bonus, which will last until the 13 of March), however, in 12 countries of the world several dozen sites for CUBO houses installation have already been prepared, including: Russia, USA, Spain, Turkey, Italy, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Thanks to the modular design of the house — CUBO can exist not only as detached buildings, but also in the form of more complex architectural forms: multi-storey aparthotels (in the presence of external load-bearing structures) or, if there is enough area — large single-storey buildings, the maximum length and width of which exceeds 100 meters. This flexibility provides an incredible scope for the development of the GO CLC project both by the team’s own efforts and by the franchisee’s efforts.

To date, GO CLC project provides three levels of membership: standard, business and premium — opportunities and privileges in each are directly proportional to the number of GO tokens in the project. So, having 18 000 GO you can count on 3 days of free stay anywhere in the world under the program CUBO Lodge Club, 84 000 tokens give the right to 14 days of free stay, 180 000 — for 30 days and so on. The maximum membership level is 1,080,000 GO tokens and 180 days of free stay at any of the houses of the club. An innovative and fundamental difference from classic hotels is that the scope of rights granted to GO tokens will never disappear. That is, all days spent by you for living are fully renewed for the next year. Thus owning only 2 Premium level packages you can live in club houses 365 days a year for an unlimited number of years. This is truly a revolution which became possible thanks to blockchain technology! However, the rules of the project permit direct payment by the tokens for the stay in any property with further block. In case of voting of club members for burning of blocked tokens, their total amount will decrease.

That is, the token GO is a symbolic value assigned by the company GO CLC in respect of the rights solely for use in the Club, whose members get the right of rent of any house CUBO which are included in the network in accordance with their membership level. Thus, the main function of GO tokens is to open access to booking and placement. A nice bonus from the project development team: GO token holders can transfer their rights to use functions of CUBO Lodge Club to other people.

The software of the project is a decentralized platform GODEX based on smart contracts Ethereum ERC20 for registration and validation of the rights of the members of CUBO Lodge Club and use of the reservation system. GODEX Platform application will be available for mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems.

Godex decentralized platform has a wide range of functionality for both direct application users and business representatives. GODEX Platform for members of CUBO Lodge Club is a booking system of the houses CUBO; management of tokens GO and their short-term transfer; system of transferring of the tokens GO on the basis of the Atomic Swap technology; acquisition of houses CUBO in property; control of smart locks; reviews, and voting system.

GODEX Platform for business is the connection and management of the houses CUBO which has franchisee; the connection and management of individual houses CUBO; API integration; management of KPI of staff; direct communication with customers and additional marketing services.

The private sale ITO GO CLC under which GO tokens will be sold with a 42 percent bonus, will start on the 6 of March 2018. The announced softcap accommodation is 2000 ETH, hardcap — 54000 ETH. As follows from a road map, in June of 2018 must start picking homes for delivery in the framework of the project GO CLC. Until the end of June 2018 the work on testing GODEX Platform should be completed. For August is scheduled the launch of mobile apps for the choice of locations for placement of houses CUBO by vote. Deliveries and installations of CUBO houses within the project will begin in Autumn.