Dear friends!

The market of cryptocurrency and ICO projects is developing rapidly — every day there are dozens of new startups, each of them is keen to attract investors and get their support. But, at the same time, regulatory and supervisory authorities of a number of countries are closely monitoring the development of the market…

We are focused on the long-term development of our project and are going to create an international hotel chain around the world using …. latest technologies, so the compliance with the law is vital for us to safeguard all participants of the project.

At the stage of the closed offer, we managed to attract a number of large buyers from the hotel industry for the amount of more than $ 2 million. Due to recent legislative changes in the crypto industry, we need to comply with certain formalities to close these transactions. All these actions are aimed at minimizing the risks of violation of the law, increasing the attractiveness of the project and will bring more clarity and confidence to new participants.

In this regard, we decided to postpone the start date of the public sales of GO tokens for 4 weeks. Thank you for joining us, we will keep you informed you about the development of the project.