GO CUBO LODGE CLUB houses — fulfills the desires of travelers

Often travelers who have visited a particular country come to the idea that it would not be bad to have there their own apartment or house where they will be able to return again and again. GO CUBO LODGE CLUB houses will provide you with this opportunity.

Have you ever used a car-share? Car sharing is a car rental service where access to the car you get using the app for a mobile phone. In our houses booking procedure and rental will be made the same way. A traveler will be able to choose a favorite house on the map and came to open the door from the smartphone.

We implement a subscription system that will allow its owner to use any of 2,000 houses around the world that are planned to be placed on the first stage. As a confirmation of the rights the tenant is assigned a kind of digital key(tokens) which is entered into the distributed register of records and which can not be forged. Everyone has heard about reliability, uniqueness and prospects of blockchain technology implementation in various industries today.

For sure it is worth saying about CUBO futuristic houses which remind us of star wars and fiction movies about the future.

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