GODEX Platform — solving technical side ideas GO CLC

For some people, traveling around the world is a cherished dream, for others flights and constant change of time zones have long become commonplace. Despite the different goals both groups have to solve similar problems-to book rooms in hotels (a measure which is not always effective), to take care in rental housing about their own safety and security of property, to worry about the skills of staff. However, very soon lots of things can change dramatically.

The emergence of decentralized networks has affected not only digital technologies but also the real economy. We are talking about mobile homes and the hotel business. The company GO CUBO LODGE CLUB LTD (hereinafter GO CLC) having studied both markets began to create a unique system of mobile homes managed by users of the virtual community.

To solve the technical side of the idea we are developing GODEX Platform — the blockchain platform on the basis of which members will be able to track the condition of buildings, to impact on their future location, and even to lease them. A legal entity or an individual who has bought GO tokens can become a member of the CLUB — the membership level depends on their number. At the basic budgetary level a member of the club will be able to live for free a few days per year in any country where there are CUBO houses without spending their tokens.

The development of the CLUB involves not only the use of mobile homes by its members for recreation, but also gives them the opportunity to extract profit from their membership.

You can find details abouts the ways of partnership in White Paper in the section GO CLC Solution http://goclc.io