The founder of GO CLC project Konstantin Khludnev will hold a live webinar and answer your questions!

The start of broadcast at 12:00 UTC, link will be available on the site and also in our Facebook group

We have much news: this is the start of the private sale of our project, the launch of the bounty program, and the participation of representatives of the team in upcoming events around the world.

Here are some questions on which you will be given answers:

☑ What are the key benefits and financial model of the project?

☑ How can participants earn income?

☑ How do we plan to develop our project?

☑ What is the role of blockchain and why software solutions of the project will unite users of other blockchain?

☑ What is the actual maintenance and support cost of GO tokens, and also why their number could be reduced?

You can ask your questions in the dialogue. Or send questions here with the hashtag #askceo-we’ll give them to Konstantin.

If you have any questions, ask us directly and receive a comprehensive answer!