“A Closed Mouth Dont Get Fed”

And we trynna EAT…

The universe hears it all. No matter what it is you speak, if it’s for you, then it will be!!

We all have hopes and some have prayers but one thing is for certain, you have to work for what you want in life. That house I want to kick my feet up in or that car I want to pull up in WILL NOT magically appear. I’m not a magician and I don’t know any personally. I have to grind it out everyday to provide a better life for my people and I!

I want to wake up one day and go sit in an office with CEO on the desk. Big dreams take big risks. I have it made up in my mind that I won’t let me hold me back any longer. So be it big or small, take the time to work on the goals that are important to you….

I take risks every day on my journey. I risk being looked at funny when ordering a burger with no bun. I take risks by lifting so heavy that it looks painful to some. I take risks by exposing my flaws and insecurities for the world to see. I express things that society says men shouldn’t worry about but, they do. These risks come with great reward.

My rewards are coming in many different forms. Sometimes it’s as simple as “Thank you for the inspiration” or a “Great job”. These are the things that keep me going and want to go harder everyday. Being able to fit in a XL shirt and jacket and a size 36 pants are accomplishments that come with the sacrifices I make everyday. Being in the healthiest state I’ve been in since high school feels better than any popularity contest ever could. Might not seem big to some but this is what I’ve asked the universe for and the response for the universe is overwhelming.

I am not perfect and I don’t claim to be. Perfect screams complacent. I cannot be that.

I asked the universe a long time ago to guide me thru life and take people out that are not for me like they say they are. I’ve lost “friends” because of that request but long run, I see why they are no longer present. The universe replaced those fair weather friends with a couple of solid ones that push and motivate me on a daily basis and encourage me to be great. We are prophets of sorts because the things we discuss, come to fruition more times than not.

Risk it all for the things you love. Leap and count on faith in the darkest times and watch what the universe does for you. I jumped head first into health and positivity and my life changed forever. I vowed to fight my insecurities because I hated the way I looked and felt. I vowed to be better because being an asshole only takes you so far. So, If I can, you can. Speak it out loud if you want to be better, and do better BUT, be careful what you wish for because life comes at you fast!

Things like this…

Make me feel that this is meant for me. Thank you. Even without any recognition or accolades, I will continue this journey, these writings and this positivity because it was many times I needed motivation and inspiration and it came from unlikely sources.

Scream it loud. Let the universe hear you and speak a better life into existence and work hard everyday so the universe never gives up on you, even when you give up on yourself!! I love this shit. I love Me. I fell in love with this Journey.

This Is My Journey: Walk With Me



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