F*** That!

And whatever else they talking bout…

     Harsh words from a kind heart. 

It never fails. Someone, somewhere is telling somebody about somebody else and how they don’t agree with something they are doing. That’s just some humans nature. If it isn’t said to me, it wasn’t said and that’s all there is to it.

There may be a method to ones madness so, I’m never quick to judge on what I see from a distance. The biggest thing about methods, there is more than one way to get the same result. My route, your route, or their route might not be interchangeable but if it works, it WORKS!

I love cooking. BBQ’n especially. The grill i got last Fathers day was heaven on wheels. Great price, cast iron grates, adjustable coal and a smoke stack for all my grilling needs. I spread my coals, get some even heat, and let the magic commence.

My cousin comes over for a BBQ and then, this.

  • Him: “Why are you spreading your coals out? Pile them in the middle and cook around the fire.”
  • Me: “Naw I’m good. I’ve been doing it this way for years”
  • Him: “It’s not going to taste as good as mine then”
  • Me: *Blank Stare*

And he walks away with an attitude. ABOUT MY BBQ. I continue cooking and when the food is done, we all sit down to eat. His son randomly says “This food is way better than dads”. The look on his face was PRICELESS and I just laughed, thanked him and went on about my business.

That’s what happens when you think your shit doesn’t stink like the next person. Something out of the blue comes and humbles you at the exact moment where you’re head is about to tilt off your shoulders. I’ve been there many, many times.

So, I deal in RESULTS not METHODS. People are grown enough to know right from wrong and if they are getting positive results in their eyes, I leave them be. Criticism is one thing but to be condescending, that’s a whole nother ballpark and I’m ready to bat.

Via: Bold Social Media

I’m learning more and more everyday that listening is crucial in this thing called life. I can learn something from everybody I come in contact with.

I just have to listen.

Either I learn how to do it right, or I learn how to not do it wrong. Knowledge is power either way.

Talkers talk and doers do. Which one you think accomplishes and learns more? I listen a lot and talk a little less (notice I said a LITTLE less) but I get excited when I hear new ideas, new goals and methods to make these things reality. Im intrigued by growth and the plans that make that growth feasible.

So I say FUCK that negativity and I applaud and invite the constructive criticism because I know I can be better. There just may be a method I don’t quite know of yet. I’ll listen, take notes, add it to my arsenal and KEEP SHOOTING! Only the well versed survive!

This is my journey: Walk with me



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