The Opposite Of Smooth??

You’re right. It’s Rough!
You ever just take the time to sit,think and wonder WTF is going on???

That’s what the last week was for me. A week filled with every different emotion you can think of. Right after I posted last, I was smelling the roses (not literally but you get my drift) on the highway on my way to work. Nothing different about the day. I pull in the parking lot, back my car in and turn the music up.

I guess Griselda (My cars name. Don’t judge me) wanted to smell the roses too. Literally. I rolled down my window, and it wouldn’t go back up. So I’m thinking, “Maybe it’s just a glitch”. Nope, sure wasn’t. The window motor gave up on itself and fell. Very minor but the beginning of a week full of different emotions.

Shout out to Pops on the window fix. LOVE!

As the week went on, Happy, Sad, Anxious and all the other emotions you can think of, happened. The thing with emotions is that, they can change in an instant. A call, an argument, an event can change the course of the day and the attitude going forward. By Friday, I was about done. Just drained from all that the week decided to bring.

As the weekend went on, things looked up. We won our first flag football game of the year against one of the best teams in the league, my family came out and witnessed it, and it was the first game we didn’t have to play in real football weather. Get home and Griselda needs more work. Missed dinner with my siblings and other important things because of it. There goes those damn emotions again!

I pulled it together, chalked up my losses for the week and when the sun went down, s’mores for the kids! The laughs, looks and smiles on their faces were just what I needed to realize that, every emotion was worth this moment!

We all deal with emotions in a different way. No matter if we feel right, wrong or indifferent about how ourselves or others handle it, it shows we are all HUMAN! At the end of the day, I have to deal with the actions that are taken due to these emotions. Every night I lay down to sleep and if i’m blessed enough to to wake up the next day, that’s another opportunity to make something happen! I have to tell myself this day in and day out.

I’m not perfect, nor a saint. I have issues. If it’s more or less than the next person, isn’t important. The understanding that we are all trying to figure out this thing called life, IS!

The world is so quick to judge these emotions and because of that, people often hold these things in and when it comes to a head, they finally explode. I tend to take it out on the undeserving when that happens so I try my best to get it out and not let it build up enough pressure to bust the pipes. I’ve found that a support system is key. A listening ear is a major key. Sometimes you just need to hear it out loud and it makes more sense.

So today is Monday, (Tuesday if you’re reading this), and I’m hoping for a better week. Understanding and patience will be my focus. If someone says they need to talk, I’ll be there to listen. Not to judge, but give them an outlet because these days, it takes a lot for a person to reach out when they need a hand! Y’all have a great week!

“You have to want it more than they don’t want you to have it!”

This is my Journey: Walk with me



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