The Pump Fake Life

And why i can’t do it anymore…

(via SBNation)

Your teams are tied and The ball gets kicked to you in the corner. It’s not a great look but a good look. You have a couple different options but time is running out. Take the shot, make it and win the game, miss it and try to get a rebound or pump fake and try to get a better shot. Life is playing Gary Payton defense though.

You pump fake, the defense doesn’t bite and you’re stuck in an all too familiar position. Time runs out and you go to overtime…….

You never know what life will throw at you in overtime so, it’s GO time. I can no longer settle for an “Overtime” where i could possibly lose. If i’m going to lose, i’ll go down fighting like hell! No more trying to plan and plot just DO.

I saw it coming from a mile away. Pants and shirt fitting tight. My boys joking that I sounded like I was snoring while I was awake. I could of took that shot plenty of times but nah, I pump faked my way through it like it wasn’t happening.

Fast forward to 3 years ago at the hospital and my son was on his way. I was standing outside smoking a Newport. I put it out and bent over to tie my shoe and you would’ve swore I was at the end of a marathon.

Shit clicked right then that I have something more to live for. I made a vow that day to chase my health and not “That Look” because that’s a plus that comes along with it. Whatever it might be, family, health, business, NO MORE PUMP FAKING FOR ME!

With ALOT of help from my support system and renewed belief in myself, i’m working everyday on me and i feel like i can rule the world. When i doubt myself, i just JUMP. What’s the worst that can happen?

Just an FYI: Asking for help is NOT pump faking. I use my resources everyday so why not!

We all have so much potential and so much to live for so, why sell yourself short. No more pump faking, I will take that shot and keep my “WHY?” in mind. Yours may be different than mine but, we can all take this journey together and motivate each other.

We all have one so, what is your “WHY?”

This is my journey: Walk with me.


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