When Your New Goal Questions Your Entire Existence…

It’s worth conquering!

I and several people I know of feel like absolute beasts when under a weight bench. The more weight that we put on, the more you want to prove to yourself that you can push it! But bodyweight and calisthenics training is SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT!

So I’ve tried almost every exercise in the book over the last few years. From CrossFit to bodybuilding workouts back to cardio based and around again. Lately, I’ve been intrigued by bodyweight athletes. Like the science teachers that do handstand push-ups or the people that are featured on American Ninja Warrior that beast the course (shout out to Cassie Craig). You see the things they make look so seamless and think “maybe I can do that.” Just from rung to rung on the salmon ladder or something that seems as simple as running up the warp wall. It’s amazing to me but I was in for a rude awakening.

So, I had the bright idea to buy a power tower EXACTLY like the one above. I was thinking it was “finna be a breeze”. I was in for a rude awakening. 

Any excuse to use my tools, I’m down for it. Getting the box open felt like Christmas. I almost acted like a real man does and didn’t use the instructions. I decided to be logical since I didn’t want to pay a copay If break a bone if I put my whole 220 on it and it’s not put together right. LOL

Anyway, I get it up and my eyes lit up. It wasn’t just a piece of workout equipment, it was a new challenge. A new hill to climb and mountain to conquer. I was ready. By this time it was late and duty calls. I left that beauty there for just a night, ready to get at it the next eve.

All day I looked up workouts, and progressions because it was so much I could do on this one tower. Fast forward to quitting time. I get home and get dressed. Go stretch and I’m ready. Or so I thought! I get set and try to do a pull-up. My back and shoulders forsake me like no other. About 3 inches off the ground and I moved no more. All these months the of rows, bench presses and deadlifts wouldn’t prepare me enough for the beast that is pull-ups. I almost felt defeated. I stopped and remembered who I was. So, I found a 5x5 from Al Kavadlo (look him up if you want to get into Calisthenics) and some exercises that lead up to being able to pull up. My determination, drive, self-motivation and pride wouldn’t allow me to just turn this challenge down.

                     My face tells the full story. 
Agonizing pain that felt so
good after.
In the famous and always
relevant words of Betty Wright:
No pain - no gain.
Couldn’t grab a picture of the pull up because it was one of many attempts but you get it! LOL

So the point is, no matter how good I thought I was, there is always room for improvement. Taking on new challenges are emotion filled tasks and could well be the scariest thing ever in life. After a week, some hot days in the garage and some practice, tonight I did my first, perfect form pull up. I felt like a BEAST. But, this journey is far from over. In fact, it is just starting. I’ll push until 10 seems like the one I’m so proud of!

It’s almost the 4th quarter of 2017, what’s your next goal to conquer????

This is my Journey: Walk with Me




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